About us

Brave Particle is a group of talent people with experience in textile, fashiontech, research in biomechanics, programming, stores of the future, omnichannel, 3D development, interactive systems, product design, fashion design, etc, that is focused in garment industry that assists customers from the fibre choice to the finished good sales in store. Further, we develop seamlessly interactive digital solutions such as touchscreen kiosks, assistive showcasing and selling tools, mobile integration and interaction solutions and many more. We want to bring the power of cutting-edge technology to garment and fashion industry to help our customers to capture audience’s attention, become more efficient and ultimately grow as a business. We use our know-how, technological expertise, and trusted partnerships to advance the current position of garment development, manufacturing and logistics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote innovation and sustainability in fashion industry by assisting our customers in every stage of the garment production and implementing technological tools for assistive selling. We want to be credited for our high-quality services and products and we are committed to satisfying our customers 100%.

Innovation & Sustainability

As a responsible and environmentally conscious company, Brave Particle moves always towards new technological and sustainable developments that generate long-term value for people.


At Brave Particle, we insist on the quality of raw materials and manufacturing to guarantee that we meet the high-quality standards our clients are used to.


We conduct any and every step of the garment production with maximum potential and efficiency in a timely manner to deliver the highest quality products while meeting deadlines.

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