inPocket Pro: The Ultimate Football Sock

The inPocket Pro socks are the world’s most comfortable, versatile and supportive football socks. Developed with an inside shin guard pocket and produced from high performance fibers with graduated compression, these socks provide a pleasant softness sensationand revive your tired legs, while allowing you to maintain your legs protected from injuries.

Inside pocket to hold a shin guard

With the inPocket Pro socks, you do not need tape or strap to keep shin guards up, nor do you need to pull them up repeatedly during the game. These seamless double-layer knitted socks work with an inside pocket to hold your shin guard securely in place by the action of graduated compression of the outer layer. This enhances your comfort, while maintaining leg protection and preventing strangulation of your calves. The pocket is not restrictive to a certain size, as the inventive pocket is suitable for any length of your shin guards.

Graduated compression for improved performance and recovery

Compression varies from 17 to 22 mmHg (conform to BS6612:1985), exerting the highest pressure at the ankle, and decreasing in intensity towards the calf. This compression assists the veins in pushing de-oxygenated blood back to the heart and, therefore, it improves blood and oxygen circulation in your feet, ankles and legs and reduces muscle vibration, soreness and fatigue for enhanced performance and quick recovery.

Special composition for extra comfort and breathability

Polyamide microfibers are lightweight, hypoallergenic, super-absorbent and provides a pleasant softness sensation to your skin. The yarn structure is porous enough to let the skin breathe, while offering high strength properties.

Our fibers are engineered to keep you cool and dry by moving moisture away from your feet, maintaining your skin dry, and comfortable by offering outstanding quality, and performance.

3D knit structure for higher breathability and the risk of slips

The foot part of the socks was engineered as a 3D knit structure for ultralight ventilation that enhances breathability and promotes quick elimination of moisture.

3D cushioned lines were knitted in the bottom of the foot to increase friction thus prevent your foot from slipping inside your boots.

Cushioned regions were selectively placed in high-impact areas of the foot sole to provide maximum comfort and help prevent blisters.

How does it Work

You hardly need a pen and pad for this, as the product is created coherently for your convenience.

1.            You put your inPocket Pro sock on one foot and pull it up (if you are the superstitious type, then obviously your preferred foot first)

2.           Simply place your shin guard in the pocket.

3.           Repeat process for the second foot.  

….and that’s all!

Time to play the beautiful game in the knowledge that you’ll never have to waste time and money again to buy extra sleeves or tape. Now, focus on the match.

Who are these socks for?


The inPocket Pro Socks are for football athletes of all levels, gender or type: professional, amateur, student or novice, male or female, association football or indoor soccer.

They are recommended for any football player, who wants to up her/his performance and comfort, get that extra edge needed to outperform herself/himself and reach higher achievements in game.

Sports fascination with fashion

More than just a football garment, the inPocket Pro socks can be worn in many different activities as walking, running, or even while resting and recovering. Graduated compression improves blood and oxygen circulation, alleviates swelling and inflammation, reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, speeds up your muscle recovery and relieves tired legs. Therefore, inPocket Pro socks are also a great garment for you to practice light fitness, recreational and relaxation activities with fashion.

Design and Prototype

We have been working diligently on this remarkable product for about a year now. We have developed dozens of prototypes that were meticulously investigated in terms of comfort, design, effectiveness, freedom of movement, suitability and quality by our team of designers, engineers, and doctors specialised in biomechanics.

Throughout both the testing and validation processes, volunteer professional football athletes had accustomed themselves to the product and were able to give their candid verdict. Alterations and adaptations were driven by our findings, and subsequently they matched the athletes’ recommendations on what they consider integral for enhanced performance and comfort.

Where are Made?

Our socks are designed and manufactured locally in Portugal. We account for a highly collaborative and innovative Portuguese textile company. A company that has an extensive experience and expertise in developing graduated compression garments for elite athletes, that is also one of the most experienced and innovative textile companies in Europe.

Our manufacturer complies with the European Directive and is subject to constant monitorization for quality control in accordance to the internationally recognized Quality Management System ISO 9001. It is certified with the Portuguese Standard for Research, Development and Innovation (NP 4457) and was distinguished as a SME Leader. All products comply with medical devices Directive 93/42 EEC requirements and further amendments.

Yarns used to produce our socks are all certified by Oeko-Tex ensuring the highest quality and protection to the health of users as they are free from harmful substances.

Graduated compression was tested and approved in compliance with the British Standard (BS6612:1985).  

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