Some Projects

The icoJacket is made of Lyocell, cotton and cork. With the icoJacket you can monitor air quality, environment temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure or even your physical activity (step counter), and access this info easily through an app. Further, you can connect your headphones to the jacket and listen to your favorite music from your smartphone and control it by pressing the buttons on the sleeve. Charge your phone and many more. 

The inPocket Pro socks are the world’s most comfortable, versatile and supportive football socks. Developed with an inside shin guard pocket and produced from high performance fibers with graduated compression, these socks provide a pleasant softness sensationand revive your tired legs, while allowing you to maintain your legs protected from injuries.

INBICTUM is a fashion brand exclusively dedicated to technical, functional and smart clothes. We develop fashionable and smart garments that respond to specific needs and wants of customers, society and the planet.